As a child growing up in a small town in the Northwest I often marveled at the new homes being built in my neighborhood as it was constructed around me. Unbeknownst to my parents I often spent my spare time climbing through the rafters of the homes under construction secretly dreaming of becoming a carpenter...someday. 

Along the way I have always approached building with the determination to make every project the best that it can be. This desire took me to Baldhead Island where I spent nearly a decade developing construction practices that are second to none. Whether it be energy efficiency and green building or the brutal ocean environment we have the experience to construct sustainable homes that will remain beautiful for years to come.  

Almost forty years later I still posses my childhood enthusiasm for building and renovating homes.  I have spent my entire life refining my craft and invite you to spend a few moments viewing the photos in our gallery. You will find everything from simple kitchen and bath remodels to multi-million dollar ocean front club facilities. No matter your budget, if you desire a finished project that is just a little bit better than the rest give us a call.